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About Sutta Chai Bar

One Kulhad Million Memories

Started in Kanpur– Now Expanding Footsteps across the Globe. Sutta Chai Bar or “SCB” the name by which our lovely customers remember us is on the journey of revolutionizing the Beverages Industry. We have delivered the unexpected form of a Chai-focused brand taking over the industry. Jotters Tech Pvt. Ltd. with a unique idea to offer an affordable ambiance to everyone, started SCB that has evolved into a Multi-National Brand today. Our Kulhad Chai not only provides an aromatic taste to its customers but also has been a symbol of happiness & a ray of hope for the needy. The Kulhad besides serving flavorful Chai has also been providing employment opportunities to the people of the country thus promoting an eco-friendly environment. This has enabled us to deliver a strong message across the borders. We are committed to serving a delightful experience to millions of people. Check out our Inside Story:)

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