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Sutta Chai Bar Saket Nagar Kanpur | SCB’s First open Restaurant Concept Venture

Sutta Chai Bar Saket Nagar Kanpur: Considering the current food market in India, a new food chain or startup is established every week. And due to these growing competitive food startups, a race to give food at cheap prices have started all across the country. And in efforts to provide the customer with cheap alternatives, many are sacrificing the quality of food.

This is the point where Sutta Chai Bar stands apart from others. As we are successfully providing the best possible food quality and that too in customer friendly budgets.

Vision of Sutta Chai Bar As a Franchise

Sutta Chai Bar Saket Nagar Menu

Sutta Chai Bar has a vision to take Chai on a journey from being the favorite of most of the Indians to being the favorite of Every Indian as well as serve Chai to as many people as possible across globe. We at Sutta Chai Bar have already taken steps to fulfil our aim. Till now we have opened 20+ outlets across India to accommodate the growing demand for Varieties of tea. The Key idea behind this expansion is to stimulate people’s taste buds in such a way that has never been touched before.

Open Restaurant Concept in Sutta Chai Bar Saket Nagar

SCB Saket Nagar is one of the first place that offers a open restaurant theme in Kanpur City. Those restaurants which provide a facility like this are either very costly or have a very less space which is not enough to enjoy an open theme and dulls the mood of the customers.

Sutta Chai Bar Saket Nagar is a hit among the Customers as it have something to offer to every sort of customer. Whether a person is looking for budget friendly menu, Quick takeaways, Traditional as well as modern sitting facilities or private sitting space. SCB Saket is there to fulfill every desire of its customers.

Here are different types of Facilities provided:-

Outdoor Sitting

We at Sutta Chai Bar Saket Nagar have a nature themed outdoor sitting. This sitting has been facilitated for anyone who is in a rush and wants to quickly eat their food or just use the sitting space to wait while their order is being prepared. We also have two types of outdoor sitting:-

Open Outdoor Sitting

In this sitting the seats are tree trucks which are placed in such a way that they make convenient to have seat enjoy time with a cup of Tea.

Covered Outdoor Sitting

The main purpose of this sitting space was to provide better experience for customers in not so pleasing whether conditions such as hot summers and rains. This sitting also has coolers and fans for the convenience of customers.

Indoor Sitting

The Gorgeous Indoor Sitting at Sutta Chai Bar Saket Nagar is the main attraction point for its customers. It gives the true sense of Open Restaurant when combined with a touch of nature themed decoration and a mesmerizing options of food. The Indoor sitting also comes with two different options:-

Table Chair Sitting (Open)

The Most Spacious Sitting in Sutta Chai Bar Saket Nagar is this, which has a total capacity of 50 people enjoying their meals together. In the Indoor sitting the customers are guided by waiters, who provide orders to them and take care of their needs.

Bean Bag Sitting (Covered)

This sitting was made keeping the youth in mind. Many of the young generation likes to eat while sitting in bean bags rather than sitting in table and chair. We provide Sand ground to give a beach like environment.

Bonfire Sitting

To enjoy the Winter season what better than sitting around a Bonfire and enjoying your favorite food with your loved ones. SCB works like a genie and fulfills this wish of their customers too.

Private Booking Space

Other than the general sitting areas we also provide Special private booking area. If the customer wants to celebrate a special occasion or has their special guests. These private sittings gets personal staff and individual attention. There are various types of Booking areas as per customers needs or choice:-

Birthday Hall

To celebrate auspicious occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversaries or some other personal moments we provide the Birthday hall. It has a capacity of around 15 people and is decorated as per the customers request.

Roof-Top Hall

Just above the Birthday hall is the Roof-Top Hall which also has a capacity of around 15 people. Its main USP is that it gives you an opportunity to enjoy the nature at 15ft. with friends and family.

Couple Tents

To find a perfect place for you and your loved one in city rush is always difficult. But in SCB we provide an intimate sitting for two, where no-one disturbs in ones private moments.

Private Sofa Sitting

Whether it is a business meeting or a family get together, the Private Sofa Setting is the answer of any such requirement. With a capacity of 10 people this sitting is a comfortable option for any sort of event.

In totality one will definitely appreciate the Ambience of Sutta Chai Bar Saket Nagar. We have the top playlist to keep you on your toes and enhance your experience. The music’s ambience creates the perfect atmosphere to preserve the memories of those moments in the memory of one’s self.

Address: C8M5+R96, Main Road, near Jagran college, Saket Nagar, Kanpur, 208022, India
Phone: +91 9450519393

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