About Us 

In the year 2021, JotterTech Pvt. Ltd. came up with an idea to give India’s favorite chai a western touch and start a franchise named
“Sutta Chai Bar (SCB)”. The franchise is a rapidly growing chain of restaurants. Here we aim at flourishing our chains around the globe by giving the best food and the best possible ambiance. Most of the people in India are strongly in love with either chai or coffee. Here our main focus is to spread the essence of our uniquely flavored coffee and chai to its each and every lover across the globe. We serve our customers a fusion of
traditional chai with exotic flavors.
We offer chai and coffee in an eco-friendly manner by serving in Hand made kulhad. We follow the thought of “no plastic” and “save water”.
By using kulhads, we reduced the use of water and plastic glasses. By these efforts, we proudly step towards our intent to stay ecofriendly. Our use
of Kulhads is not only an eco-friendly move but it also helps in giving work and improving the financial condition of Traditional Potters.
All these steps display the state of mind of Sutta Chai Bar(SCB).