If there’s a third feature that Indians are famous by, it’s the passion for tea. We don’t require a reason to enjoy the steaming hot cup of tea, whether it’s rain or snow! The smell of freshly brewed beverages will make you feel like taking a break. The majority of hills in India contain vast tea plantation which are not just a source beautiful beauty to the area but also are known for their distinctive flavors. Your trip will only be better if you go to the tea gardens in India particularly if you love chai.

Explore the top tea plantation farms in India which you must visit

Nilgiri Tea Plantation, Tamil Nadu

More than 100 years old, Nilgiri Hills are known as having the finest tea farms in India. The tea is strong, dark and quite fragrant. Join an excursion to the estates of tea here and you will not regret it a little bit. While the majority of tea plantations in India produce tea in the summer however, the tea plantations in Nilgiri Hills do it throughout the all year. It is possible to sample a variety of exotic tea, learn how they make everything and perhaps even purchase some.

Jorhat Tea Bungalows, Assam

If there’s one thing Assam is famous for, other than its beauty and scenic beauty and tea, it’s the tea plantations in the area. It’s one of the Tea Capital of the World and you can’t travel to another state and not making an excursion at the Jorhat tea bungalows. They will add even more spice to your trip.

Kanan Devan Hills Tea Plantation, Munnar

Munnar is another hill station famous because of its tea farms. Actually it is the Kanan Devan Hills plantation must be seen because it is the very first tea museum in the nation. It is located at Idukki and is a stunning spot up in the hills. You will not only love the views from the tea estates, but the refreshing drink that grows in this area!

Glenburn Tea Plantation Estate, Darjeeling

Darjeeling Tea Plantation

It is the Glenburn Tea Estate located in Darjeeling is one that you should not leave out. The estate is a place to stay with an amazing view over the Kanchenjunga mountain. It’s located at the lower reaches of the Himalayas and whatever time of the year you decide to go in the view is stunning. Visit the tea estate when you go towards Darjeeling and try some of their special, fresh tea.

Kelagur Tea Estate, Karnataka

In the wake of Assam as well as Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu It is Karnataka that is most well-known for its coffee and tea plantations. Kelagur Tea Estate Kelagur Tea Estate is popular because of its natural method of making tea. It covers 1500 acres, and was established around 70 years ago. It’s a well-known tourist attraction for those who love tea. You can observe how tea leaves are processed as well as the methods they employ to create tea.

Darang Tea Estate, Himachal Pradesh

There is an Darang Tea Estate located in Himachal Pradesh is another popular tea estate in India which is over 150 years of age. When you’re done ski or trekking, and you’ve enjoyed everything it has you, it is a must to visit the tea estate which is owned by a family to sample the exotic tea. The views are breathtaking and the tea estates are just the beginning of it.

Gatoonga Tea Estate, Assam

Another tea plantation located in Assam worth visiting is Gatoonga Tea Estate. It produces the most amount of teas in the nation and is situated near to Jorhat. You can visit estates and create a fashion. When you’re there make sure to book your stay with Banyan Grove, a colonial heritage home that gives you the best views of the process of making tea.

Cooch Behar Tea Estate, West Bengal

It is the Cooch Behar Tea Estate in West Bengal is another beautiful tea estate that people are eager to visit. It is situated on the slopes of the Darjeeling Hills and has been in operation since 1950. Take a sip of tea freshly brewed while you take in the stunning landscape that surrounds the farm.

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, Tamil Nadu

Kolukkumalai Tee Estate Another tea farm is located located in Tamil Nadu that is quite well-known. It is situated approximately 7900 feet above sea-level. The plantations here employ the old-fashioned method to make tea. You will not be able not to try an ice-cold cup of tea in this.

Happy Valley Tea Estate, Darjeeling

If you’re planning to go visit multiple tea farms in Darjeeling it is possible to go on to Happy Valley Tea Estate. It’s among the most renowned tea farms in the hill station . It was founded in 1854. The unique thing about the tea in this particular tea is the fact that it’s believed to be floral in flavor. Many people like not to drink sugar or milk when tasting this tea. But, it is best to stay clear of the monsoon season.

A true tea-loving nature-loving person can’t resist going into the plantations to catch an idea of everything. Include one of these on your list every time you plan a trip in the hills!

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