Our most-loved tea

Indians and tea share the same connection. It’s not just a beverage for us, but also a ritual or celebration, and it can even be an escape from everyday routine, and it’s an integral element of our lives that the majority of us can’t do without. Chai, or tea, is loved throughout the whole across India and is among the most loved drinks in the world today. In the words of Karan Shah Director of Society Tea, “Being innately Indian is synonymous with starting the day with a steaming cup of chai, it is our love for tea that binds us unequivocally as a nation, no matter what our differences may be. It is one ritual that truly symbolizes unity in diversity and one common language that transcends regional distinctiveness. Tea is a constant in our lives and I feel that is why tea is celebrated so much in India.”

There are many reasons Indians enjoy tea so much. Here are a few.

01 It is relaxing

Chai is our favorite drink when we are stressed. It doesn’t just help us feel more focused but it also functions as an anti-inflammatory! We’ve heard people claim that they need chai since their head hurts. Actually, there is scientific evidence that supports the claim that it may help with depression and can help reduce tension.
Having an uneasy day at work? Get a cup, Chai!

02 We are bonded over tea

If there’s a thing that Indians are extremely fond of, it’s tea. Making a ‘chai’ sound before saying hello is a common morning routine. Even the infamous “chai pe bulaya” hai metaphor illustrates that tea has always been the lead in India. Who doesn’t like to chat with your family or friends over a cup of tea? In the end, it’s the only thing that listens to every conversation and is our ultimate partner.
Are you looking to marry a man?
Let’s have a cup of Chai!

03 It is filling

Indian Chai

Enjoy a toast that has been buttered with a cup of ginger tea and you’re ready for breakfast. Tea can keep you satisfied for a long time. It’s loaded with antioxidants and biotin, which help to enhance and strengthen your immune system. What’s more? It will keep you hydrated because a cup has greater than 90 percent water. We Indians tend to immerse all the things that we can think of in tea! Bread, biscuits, chapati, and paratha are just a few examples.
Feeling hungry?
Get a cup Chai!

04 Our guests love it

Who doesn’t have tea on the table for guests? It’s one of the things that’s always on the menu and is the most important step to hospitality. The guests also love it, and it’s difficult to refuse our beloved chai.
Chai Lenge?
Let’s have a cup of Chai!

05 It has a wide variety, that is why it never gets boring.

The thing that makes tea so appealing is how adaptable it is. There are many varieties of teas as well as infinite varieties and flavors. Therefore, there’s always a tea that is perfect for you. From black tea to green tea The list is endless. If you’re bored of milk tea, as usual, consider making jasmine tea or dark tea.
Do you feel like tea is tempting you?
Let’s have an iced tea!

06 Suitable for every season

No matter what time of the year it is or monsoon time tea is a continuous custom for us. It’s the perfect beverage for the Indian hot climate due to the fact that steaming hot tea activates the body’s cooling reflexes. It also aids in bringing the body’s temperature lower. In the same way, it can be useful throughout the seasons as well. It is warm during winter, and No rainy season would be complete without this delicious drink.
Are you able to think of barish that doesn’t include pakora and chai? What are you waiting for? We’ll grab a cup Chai!

07 We call it our alcohol!

Foreigners might need alcohol to get feeling happy, however, for us, it’s Chai that creates the magic. Tea isn’t just a drink but can be a source of emotion for us. It helps us to relieve discomfort, it has an ethereal vibe that alcohol cannot even match.
Are you having a Saturday night?
We’ll grab a cup Chai!

08 Makes Us Think more clearly

There are occasions when you are exhausted and your brain appears to shut down. In such a case you need tea to come to the rescue. L-theanine, which is one of the substances found that tea contains, improves your concentration and focus. It increases memory and doesn’t give you the low-caffeine effects that you can get from drinking coffee.
Do you want to be more productive?
Get a cup of Chai!

09 Drives away from sleep

To get rid of that sleep that’s getting in your way of work The tea drink is the best solution. It is loaded with antioxidants that boost energy levels and provide optimism and positivity during the entire day.
Do you want to be a sensation?
Let’s have a cup of Chai!

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