Do you want to try an authentic Bombay Grilled Sandwich? Try this easy sandwich recipe you can prepare at your home. This delicious sandwich recipe could be served in the tiffin of your child or you could even pack it to take to work. Bombay Grilled Sandwich is a specialty of Sutta Chai Bar. Simply grab the ingredients listed below and start cooking!

Sandwiches aren’t just delicious in flavor, but they are also filling the stomach. They are easy to prepare with minimal effort and may even be prepared by those who don’t know how to cook. If you’re someone who loves sandwiches and you love sandwiches, then make this delicious sandwich recipe that is prepared in the authentic Bombay style. Do you need something for the evening? What could be better than the Bombay Grilled Sandwich recipe to bring back memories of the iconic Maharashtrian street foods? A full and delicious vegetable-grilled sandwich recipe, this recipe is nutritious and delicious. It can be eaten for breakfast lunch, dinner, or even for snacks this delicious lunch will be your Jack of all trades that can be enjoyed at any time during the daytime. This is a simple vegetarian grilled sandwich recipe that is ready to cook in only a few minutes.

The only ingredients you’ll need to make this Bombay sandwich dish is breadcrumbs, cucumbers onion, potato, potato tomato. The most appealing part about this recipe is the taste and simplicity that you can take one bite at any time and relish it. The fresh green chutney into the sandwich’s base sandwich is delicious. This Bombay sandwich recipe that is grilled can be packed in a tiffin box or consumed with tea at night. To keep the sandwich healthy, we’ve made use of brown bread in this recipe but you could make use of white bread multigrain bread as well as any bread you like.

The ingredients of tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and cucumbers are an essential component of the Bombay Grilled Sandwich So, make sure that you don’t leave out one or more of the ingredients. It is possible to make use of a grilling device such as a sandwich maker or grilling pan to give your sandwich a crisp texture and stunning grilling effects. This is the same for mint chutney and butter since these will be the main spreads you will need to make this sandwich. Do not add mayonnaise or ketchup to ensure that the recipe is authentic.

For adults or kids, anyone will enjoy this recipe with certainty. Serve a drink that you like to this sandwich, such as Hot chocolate, juice, and relax. Try this recipe and review it and tell us how it came out. be.

How do you create Bombay Grill Sandwich

Step 1: Slice the vegetables

To make this delicious sandwich, slice and peel the cucumber and onion into the shape of a circle. Wash the tomatoes, then cut slices from them as well.

Step 2: Make Green Chutney

After that, clean then chop and wash the coriander as well as mint leaves to make the green chutney to serve on the sandwich. Put them together with salt and green chilies in a jar mixer and blend into a smooth paste be careful not to add excessive water. Its consistency must be firm.

Step 3: Put the sandwich together

Remove the bread on all sides. Or, you could keep it if want to apply butter on one piece of bread and then spread the green chutney over. Then, spread the tomato, cucumber, and onion slices on top of the bread slice and potatoes. Sprinkle salt on the vegetables and Chaat masala. Finally, sprinkle cheese grated, and over this slice, add the second slice.

Step 4: Grill your sandwich, then serve hot.

The sandwich can be cooked on the grill for about 2 to 3 minutes. After that, cut it into pieces. Serve hot. Try this recipe then rate it, and share with us in the comments what your experience came out.

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