A unique and modified recipe for pasta that has been adapted specifically for Indian tastes using the addition of spices. It is usually served in a lunchbox or Tiffin box recipe for children as well as adults, but it could serve as a dinner appetizer or as a starter. These creamy, saucy, and spicy pastas are usually cooked using the penne pasta variety however, it is possible to experiment with any pasta variety. Sutta Chai Bar owns a variety of pasta in their outlets such as red sauce pasta, white sauce pasta, and many more.

Indian style pasta recipe

Recipes based on cheese or pasta are not traditional recipes for India. typically, cheese-based recipes are bland, or with fewer spice recipes. Naturally, the less spiced recipes do not appeal to Indian taste buds and therefore are enriched with Indian spices. A popular lunch box recipe is masala pasta or often referred to by the name desi pasta.

Homemade pasta

As I explained, this isn’t authentically prepared that originates from the original recipe. It is made up of a large number of spices in the recipe. This makes the dish spice and, more importantly, creates a curry-like flavor as well as texture. In truth, it is likely that the traditional Italian chef would not be a fan of this recipe an authentic pasta recipe. It’s not only spicy, but it could increase the temperature due to the hotness. Personally, with the Indian tastes, I enjoy the combination of spicy and sweet flavors that are created by garam masala and cheese. I don’t make authentic pasta using only pepper and cheese. I sometimes even add paneer, or even tofu for the perfect meal, with proteins in it. I haven’t added anything to this, but it’s the best option as well. You can also add an option of meat according to your preference. keep it vegetarian-friendly.


Additionally, there are additional tips, suggestions, and variations for the popular Desi masala recipe. The first is the use of fresh and ripe tomatoes is crucial to this recipe. I have used ripe Roma tomatoes for this recipe. they help to provide the sweet and tart taste of the final product. In addition, I’ve included spices such as garam masala and coriander powder, and cumin and pepper to create the perfect desi flavor. If you think it’s too many spices, skip the rest and just use the garam masala mix. Finally, the usage of vegetables is a matter of choice and you are able to use them according to your taste and preferences. However, avoid vegetables such as beetroot, potatoes, or cauliflower. You can also use leafy vegetables such as spinach pudina or mint leaves.

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