There’s more to know about making ham burger patty than simply shaping the ground meat into a patty. To create the perfect hamburger like the one you have at your favorite restaurant, it is important to be aware of these basic specifics.

The burger patties recipe seriously. I’ve prepared burgers every possible way in my search to create the finest homemade hamburgers. I’ve purchased meat, ground by myself, made the chuck, brisket, and butcher’s choice, 80/20 70/30, 90/10, and the list of possibilities go on. I’ll just say that I’ve tried everything. Did I mention that I owned an exquisite burger truck? It was technically the same as a truck, but even in the event that it didn’t run, is it still an actual truck?

The way I’m trying to say is that I’m an expert or two about preparing the finest recipe for burgers.

Selecting the Right Hamburger Meat

The first thing to note is that I’m discussing how to make homemade hamburger patties that taste like an excellent restaurant that is made from scratch. This isn’t about the restaurants which ship their patties that are already prepared or even frozen.

The most crucial aspect of creating the perfect burger is picking the best beef. This isn’t just discussing the perfect cut of fresh ground beef or the best grind, or the ideal fat/fat ratio. It’s all about and more.

Let’s begin by putting the package together and proceed to the packaging. For burgers that are extremely tender, you’ll need to grind the meat yourself or purchase it from a supermarket fresh ground. If the hamburger was put into meat tubes, it was already compressed and won’t create the perfect hamburger. You can use it for taco meat. You should still be able to see the individual meat strands remaining in good shape after being taken from the food processor as you can see below.

Freshly ground meat makes an incredibly tender burger since it wasn’t packed tightly.

Then, you must ensure that it’s the correct cut. You need fresh ground chuck. Ground chuck typically has the ideal ratio of meat to fat and is 80/20. Additionally, the fat isn’t too stringy, as much brisket could be. I’m sure brisket-based burgers sound amazing since they remind you of barbecue however they’re not the best.

As we said, you should have 80/20 beef. 90/10 might sound like an ideal choice because it’s healthier, however, the lean meat-like ground sirloin is dry enough to make the perfect hamburger. Burgers require a greater fat content in order to make them juicy. Also, you don’t want anything that is more than 80/20 fat If there’s excessive fat, the burger will expand too much during cooking, and you’ll get meatballs soaking in grease. It’s the same ground beef that is used to make a great typical meatloaf.

How to Remove the Patties

Once we have the perfect burger meat, it is time to create the perfect restaurant-quality hamburger patty. The most effective advice I can offer you for making the patties is not to overwork your meat! You only want to press and shape the meat to the extent required to make your patties. More than that and the burger will become too dense. This is the most effective method to destroy any hamburger recipe.

Divide the fresh ground meat into small pieces that are suitable to fit the burgers you’re making. I prefer to make 1/3 to 1/2 lb burgers unless I’m making the fast food-style hamburger however that’s an entirely different matter. I gently shape them into a rough form, only pressing them down enough to make sure the meat stays together. I set them on the floor and press the burgers down.

Using a burger press or a flat plate works fantastic to do this! However, I like having wax paper to use between the burgers and the surface to ensure they don’t get stuck and can be easier to transfer onto the cooking surface.

Simply, and firmly press the patties straight down to shape patties that are in shape. As you can see in my photo you’ll be able to identify the meat strands that came from the meat grinder. This indicates that you did not work the meat too much. The strands of meat will separate more easily after you take a bite rather than if you squeezed or squeezed your meat. This is what makes the patty so soft. My preference is to leave the meat strands flowing horizontally while pressing the meat.

Be sure to press the patty until it is bigger than the bun that you’ll put it onto. The patty will expand slightly as it cooks. If you prefer your burgers to be thicker, place your thumb into the middle inside the hamburger. This will allow the center to cook evenly.

How to Cook a Burger

The first thing to remember is that whatever method you use to cook your burger patties in a skillet or grill, don’t press down on the patty during cooking!! Do not do it! It’s not helping it cook faster, but you are sucking every drop of juice and you’ll end up with a dry hamburger. Yum.

Just flip it at least once. Do not mess with the patty. Just let it be what it is. Flipping it over once will let it create a crust of charred that imparts flavor. Additionally, it’s easier to determine to cook time, in my opinion. I generally allow it to cook until the top is becoming purple and the juice is beginning to form a puddle over it, then flip it over, cover with cheese and cook a couple of minutes more. It generally takes three to four minutes per side until the burger is cooked to perfection.

Tips: Using a meat thermometer is a great method to ensure that you don’t cook your burger too long. patties. With a little practice, they shouldn’t need to be used for long.

How do you grill them?

The key to grilling the most delicious hamburgers involves the zone heat. If you are using a gas grill or charcoal, it’s recommended to include a hot zone as well as a cool zone. This will allow you to achieve an excellent sear on the patties on the hot surface of the grill. You can move them away from the heat source when required to control the temperature. Also, make sure that they don’t get burned before the internal temperature reaches temperatures.

It’s true that this isn’t as essential on gas grills since you simply have to turn down the heat however it is good to have a space reserved to transfer the cooked patties prior to being served. If you have a propane grill I turn the heat up to high and cook the patties directly on the heat.

On charcoal grills, I do this by stacking the chimney from hot charcoal on one of the sides of the grill. This creates a smoky hot zone, where the coals are laid right under the grate, and an area of cooler temperatures to the other edge of the grill. My patties cook directly on the hottest area of the grill. I then take them out when they’ve been cooked, or when they’re beginning to get burned.

Tips: I recommend oiling the grill’s grates using olive oil before cooking the hamburger patties. This will ensure that they aren’t stuck to the grill

The stove is used to cook food.

When you cook a burger patty on your stove, the procedure is the same. It is recommended to use a higher heat to brown the outside. However, I have found that the temperature settings vary according to the stove used and cookware type (personally I prefer an iron pan). The most common way to turn the burner to high will cause the exterior to burn off your burgers cooked on your stove before the inside reaches temperature.

If you are making hamburger patties over the stovetop, I suggest making use of medium or medium-high heat for the cooktop. Thicker burgers require lower heat since the interior takes longer to heat up and, in contrast, thinner patties cook quickly and require the highest heat to sear.

The Best Burger Buns

You can garnish your hamburger with whatever you’d like. But, the bun you pick will make a huge difference in how good your tasty burger is. My personal favorite is the Brioche bun. But pretzel buns are great too. You just want an item that is soft and squishy. A dense, heavy bun can take the spotlight from the soft burger patty.

Burger Toppings

A delicious hamburger patty requires equally delicious toppings to achieve its full flavor. Classic toppings for hamburgers consist of simple ingredients like onion, lettuce tomatoes, pickles, and tomato. If you’re seeking something fresh and tasty Try these innovative suggestions:

  • Pickled red onions These are an energizing and refreshing crunch.
  • Gourmet Burger Sauce A little sweet and tangy! It’s a burger’s favorite friend!
  • Caramelized Onions This is amazing when paired with my chipotle mayo!
  • Refrigerator Dill Pickles They have more crunch than conventional pickles.
  • Big Mac Sauce This recipe is exactly like the real thing!

Professional Tips and Ideas

  • Are you aware of which kind of lettuce is the best choice for your perfect Burger? Leaf lettuce that is green. It has a better flavor as well as a better texture and is more attractive than romaine and iceberg lettuce.
  • I make use of wax hamburger paper and parchment paper is also a good option to make my burgers. They are easy to release off without sticking. The paper is affordable and it comes in a box that will last for many years.
  • Make sure to toast the buns. Toasting the inside of your bun can improve the texture, as well as the flavor considerably. It is recommended to toast your buns face-down in a pan on medium heat after you have painted it with butter.
  • While cooking the patties don’t press the burgers using a spatula. Only flip it over once. Pressing can result in a dry burger And flipping too often will hinder the meat from developing an adequate sear. Learn the steps you can brown your ground beef to find out how important it is to have properly browned.
  • The burger should sit for a couple of minutes after cooking so that the juices can settle to the meat. This will make sure you get the best-tasting burger that you can.


How can you stop the patties of burgers from breaking?

There is no need for eggs or breadcrumbs to keep the patty. Simply press down firmly on the meat using an object flat (like the top of a plate) as it forms and it will keep its shape. It is also beneficial to use wax paper since it lets you transfer the patty to the cooking surface without disturbing the patties. The right meat selection is crucial. If your beef is not seasoned enough, your hamburger will dry and be fragile.

How can you make your hamburgers that are delicious?

Juicy burgers are made making use of meat that has sufficient fat. 80/20 beef is suggested because the fat is what makes the juice and not the additives like Worcestershire sauce. If you are using extremely slim ground beef, the patties are likely to be dry due to the fact that there will not be enough fat that can render while the cooking process.

Do you put eggs in your hamburgers?

It’s not true, adding eggs would result in a meatloaf loaf sandwich and not a Burger. If you add eggs to your burgers, you will need to strain the meat in order to incorporate it into the burger, which results in a less delicious, dense burger. If you follow the right instructions you can create amazing Burgers with no egg or breadcrumbs.

Further Homemade Burger Recipes

Once you’ve learned the best way to create great patties for burgers make use of one of the recipes below to make your own homemade burger.

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