Maggi Instant noodles are among the food items that are loved by everyone. Instant Noodles made by Nestle is a tasty food item that is prepared at any time, be it breakfast, lunch, or even for dinner. I love Maggi. Who doesn’t? I’ve loved it since I was able to remember eating it. It’s simple to make as well, and who doesn’t?

Making a tasty plate of Maggi isn’t rocket science! I’ve met people who claim that they have mastered cooking, but when asked what they know about it, they’ve always responded by saying “Maggi”.

It’s that simple. However, each person is different in making Maggi. There have also been instances where I’ve observed people confused about which one to serve first the cake of noodles as well as masala, or masala or some other spices or just to keep the Maggi as is.

maggi domination

After all, was completed, Flavours To Savour wanted to make it easier for our readers. For making Maggi an easy and simple task and without any fancy ingredients or additional flavors as well as masala or anything else, this recipe comes taken from The Engineer’s Kitchen that would inspire you to be enthralled by your simple, yet delicious Instant Noodles every time!

  •  Cook Time: 10 Minutes
  •  The Cooking Level Simple
  •  Serves: 1


  1.  Maggi – One packet
  2.  The water consists of a cup, half


  1.  Make one and a half cups of water and place it in a pan.
  2.  The pan is heated on medium-high heat.
  3.  When the water is brought to boil Add to the pan Noodles Cake to the pan.
  4.  Cover it with a lid and let it sit for one minute.
  5.  After about a minute, open the lid and then add the tastemaker to the pan.
  6.  Mix it all together.
  7.  With no breaking of the Noodles.
  8.  Turn off the flame after the water boils to the point of being completely consumed.
  9.  Take advantage of the warm Maggi in this gorgeous weather!

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