We love our Instant Pot! It’s the best in class for set it and forget it dinners. Here are our best Instant Pot recipes, the ones we turn to again and again.

Instant Pots take time to come up to pressure, but the best thing about them is once everything is inside, you don’t need to baby it. Forget monitoring the temperature or flipping things, just pop everything in, wait, and eat!

instant pot pho | www.SuttaChaiBar.com

Instant Pot pho

This is the best pho recipe on the internet, fight me. I might be biased because it’s Mike’s super secret family recipe but after making it and serving it to multiple people and getting rave reviews, I’m positive it’s everything you’re looking for. Deep, rich, full of spice and big beefy flavors, this is what we make in our Instant Pot the most. We even have a dedicated sealing ring that we use for pho only. Honestly, this pho will change your life.

Recipe here

carnitas tacos | www.SuttaChaiBar.com

Instant Pot carnitas

The second most made recipe in our Instant Pot (and the other one that has a dedicated sealing ring) is carnitas. There’s something about pressure cooking pork shoulder that makes it incredibly soft and just ready to be crisped up for tacos, carnitas plates, burritos, and on its own. Super simple and delicious.

Recipe here

instant pot butter chicken recipe | www.SuttaChaiBar.com

Instant Pot butter chicken

Butter chicken doesn’t need much of an introduction. It’s a creamy chicken curry made with tomatoes, spices, butter and cream. This particular butter chicken is full of flavor, just a touch of heat, and the right amount of cream. It comes together so quickly and it’s the perfect cozy home cooked meal.

Recipe here

bolognese sauce recipe | www.SuttaChaiBar.com

Instant Pot bolognese

I am obsessed with bolognese and when I need it, I need it. Imagine a rich and full bodied ragu in under an hour. It can be done! Reducing liquids and pressure cooking means you’ll get a thick, luscious sauce that clings to each and every strand of pasta. This is a tomato-rich bolognese with a mix of pork and beef that is the epitome of an Italian American Sunday sauce, but on a weekday.

Recipe here

instant pot red curry ramen | www.SuttaChaiBar.com

Instant Pot Thai red curry ramen

A super simple satisfying weeknight dinner full of flavor, lean protein, vegetables, and noodles. This soup is packed with flavor from the curry and sesame, giving you a creamy, nutty soup that hits all the right flavor notes. I especially love the mushrooms. Don’t worry if the coconut milk “breaks” in the Instant Pot – you want it too, it’s how they make curries in Thailand and Malaysia and it’s a sign of a good curry 🙂

Recipe here

Instant Pot Black Dal Recipe | www.SuttaChaiBar.com

Instant Pot black dal

Inspired by London’s famous Indian restaurant Dishoom – this black dal is based on their signature dish that takes over 24 hours to make. This Instant Pot comes together in a flash and is so GOOD. Tender lentils in a rich and creamy tomato gravy seasoned with cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, fennel, and graham masala. Finish everything off with with butter and heavy cream and serve it up with homemade naan.

Recipe here

Instant Pot Meatballs and Pasta

I’ve been obsessed with making Instant Pot pastas ever since discovering that you can cook pasta in sauce without having to drain the pasta. Seriously, what a game changer. The pasta gets infused with the flavors of the sauce and everything cooked up together in the Instant Pot means it’s truly a one pot meal. You might think making meatballs for the Instant Pot would be fussy, but this recipe has ZERO browning, so that means that all you have to do is drop them right into the sauce. The meatballs are tender and juicy and the pasta is perfectly done.

Recipe here

instant pot chicken pot piepasta | www.SuttaChaiBar.com

Instant Pot Chicken Pot Pie Pasta

This is one of our most made recipes on the blog and it’s a personal favorite of mine as well! Cooking pasta in sauce right in the Instant Pot means no draining and so much flavor. This is a super creamy pasta that tastes just like chicken pot pie.

Recipe here

Teriyaki Chicken Recipe | www.SuttaChaiBar.com

Instant Pot Teriyaki Chicken

Chicken in the Instant Pot is always a pro move – it comes out perfectly cooked, tender and juicy every time. This teriyaki chicken is no exception: sweet and tangy glossy teriyaki sauce and juicy chicken thighs. Serve it up with fluffy rice and some broccoli and forget about delivery.

Recipe here

tortilla soup recipe | www.SuttaChaiBar.com

Instant Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup

Tortilla soups are delicious. Tortilla soup that comes together in the Instant Pot is delicious and smart. Full of tender chicken, smokey fire roasted tomatoes, and a bit of spice, this tortilla soup will warm your right up. Extra toppings are a must!

Recipe here

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