Keep beans cool and airtight.

Your beans’ biggest enemies are moisture, air as well as heat, and light.

To ensure that your beans will keep their fresh, roasted taste to the maximum extent possible, keep the beans in an opaque, airtight container at room temperature. Coffee beans are beautiful however, you should be sure to avoid transparent containers that are clear canisters that allow light to alter the flavor of the coffee.

Place your beans in a cool and dark place. An oven cabinet is usually too hot and so is a place in the kitchen counter which receives intense afternoon sun.

The packaging for coffee’s retail sale is usually not the best choice for storage for long periods of time. If you can, purchase storage containers with airtight seals.

Make sure you buy the correct amount

Coffee loses its freshness shortly after roasting. Try buying smaller amounts that are freshly roast coffee frequently that will last to last for a couple of weeks.

Exposure to air can be harmful to beans. If you would prefer to store your beans in a convenient and/or appealing container, it could be beneficial to divide your coffee supplies into smaller parts and place the largest unutilized portion stored inside a sealed airtight container.

This is particularly important when purchasing coffee that has been pre-ground due to the higher the exposure to oxygen. If you purchase whole beans, you must grind the quantity you require immediately prior to making your coffee.

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Are you freezing your beans?

Freshness is the most important aspect of an excellent beverage. Experts are of the opinion that coffee should be consumed as soon as is possible following the time it has been freshly roasted, particularly when the seal of the original packaging is broken.


There are a variety of opinions about whether coffee should be refrigerated or frozen The main reason is that coffee absorbs moisture as well as odors, and even tastes – from the air surrounding it, because it’s hydrophilic (bonus word to use for all coffee enthusiasts in the world).

Many storage containers in the home allow in small quantities of oxygen, which is why food stored for a long period of time in the freezer may get freezer burn. So, if you decide to chill or refrigerate your beans ensure that you use an airtight container.

If you decide to store your coffee in the freezer, swiftly take out as much as you’ll need in less than an entire week and then return the remainder to the freezer before condensation is formed on the coffee.

It does affect the fundamental brewing process

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